Sunday, September 11, 2011

Siegfried Bing Notes

  • In 1854, Siegfried Bing went to Paris where he developed an interest in ceramics.
  • In 1863, he and his family created a porcelain manufacturing company.
  • He received a Gold Medal from the French government.
    • This showed he was a master of porcelain techniques and a professional production company.
    • This also showed Bing was able to work with artisans to create beautiful pieces.
  •  In the 1870s, Japan oped it's trading to the East, causing more Japanese items and prints to be available around the world. 
    • Bing collected Japanese art and items to draw inspiration from.
    • He was a great advocator of Japanese art and Japanism. 
  • He was such a huge promoter of Japanese art, he went to Japan for a year, leaving family and friends.
    • When he  returned to France, he brought loads from Japan "like a hurricane."
    • He had several items, ranging from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Bing came to the conclusion that Japanese art revolves around geometry and nature.  
  • Le Japon Artistique was a magazine had a broad target audience.
  • In 1894, Bing travels to the United States.
    • Here, he discovers opaque material that he used to create vases and bowls.
  • With his travels to the United States, he decided to bring together American and French artists.  He mainly did this to use Americans to inspire French art.  
    • Large stained glass windows came from this integration/mingling. 
  • With his return to France, he decided to redo the U.S. gallery/studio/shop he set up in the U.S. in France.  
  • Louis Bonnier was the artist for this new construction.  He submitted 10 sketches for approval.  
    • It used stencils and ceramics as inpsiration.
    • It was named L'Art Nouveau.
    • Henri Vande Velde designed the metal work throughout L'Art Nouveau.
  • L'Art Nouveau exhibitied Edvard Munch, which was a big publicity move.
  • Defeur was one of the lead artisans.  He created beautiful works and was a major asset to L'Art Nouveau and Bing's reputation.
  • Bing ends up becoming sick and gives up his gallery.  He dies about a year after on September 7th, 1904.

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