Monday, December 5, 2011

Project 1: International Swiss Typographic Style Timeline

In this first project, we all created rough drafts and took the best of the bunch.  Joo Ri did most of the actual design work while the rest of us were actively giving input and making suggestions on what should be included and placement of the content in collaboration efforts. 

Project 2: Max Miedinger Life Map

With the second project, once again, we created rough drafts.  We then collaborated ideas and all of us contributed to the content and placement of each item throughout the process  We took ideas from each draft and put them into one, tweaking to make it seem like everything went together and was cohesive. 

Project 3: e-Magazine (website form on CD)
We didn't have enough space on our "I" drives, so we are uploading the pages of our magazine instead and giving you the CD with the magazine, and it's flip ability. 

For this project, we all did our individual spreads of each font that influenced Helvetica, the epitome of the International Swiss Typographic movement.  We created a magazine with a cover, table of contents, and even back cover so we could make it seem more like an actual magazine.

Overall, this was a group project in which everyone participated in.  We pretty much stuck with the schedule (minus the printing changes) and worked inside and outside of class to get our project done.  We all contributed to put together these projects.

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