Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Architecture of Doom

I found it rather interesting that Hitler was a failed painter who specialized in watercolors and that when he retired he wanted to devote himself to art.  It was extremely interesting how he was fascinated with his home city and antiquity.  Why?  I also draw my inspiration and try to get influence from my home town, and I love antiques!  In a way, Hitler and I seem to be very similar.  However, I feel like this is true for many fellow artists.  He also focused on the philosophies and writings of Faulkner, who became the center for most of his ideas.

Hitler was also influenced by operas and used it as an illusion, escape from reality.  That describes television and the theatres today!  It's funny how much has not changed. 

What may not be widely known today is that even though Hitler was upset with the contemporary artists of the time, probably from jealousy, degenerate art shows were still allowed (to be mocked, but still).  With the development of the Nazis, he did most, if not all, of the design work.  He designed the swastika and uniforms. 

Hitler teaches a good lesson to designers.  Failing should not stop you from trying and succeeding. 

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