Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Final Project: Synopsis

1st Assignment:  As a group we came to an understanding that since our subject is about Swiss typography that we should base our timeline on just that. Using the letter structure of Helvetica we will use our graphic design skills to create a beautiful series of events without actually showing a line of any means. As a collaborate team we were all interested on the Swiss's idea of taking solid colors and applying it to the bold font. 
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2nd Assignment:  To build a map based around one of the typographers. We all looked at several different styles such as info graphics and literal maps but one particular shape caught our eye and we were instantaneously drawn back to it. This circle form is very unique and as a group we feel it will display all the key points.  Its beautiful shape and I personally enjoy how the lines within the circle weave through one another.
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3rd Assignment:  This project will be overall to present our subject in an artistic fashion! Similar to a show book we will display the types of fonts that the Swiss Typography is all about! Each group member will be assigned a spread and a font. 
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